Classic Elegance: Exploring the 1954 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

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Buick’s lineup in 1954 spanned from the budget-friendly Special to the luxurious Roadmaster, priced between just over $2,000 to slightly above $4,000. Total production reached 444,609 cars. Powering these vehicles was Buick’s innovative V8 engine, introduced in 1953.



Available in two variants, it included the 150 horsepower 264 cubic inch Special V8 and the larger 322 cubic inch engine producing 182 horsepower in the Super and 200 horsepower in the Century and Roadmaster. Buick’s groundbreaking cylinder head design enabled the industry’s highest compression ratio of 8.5:1 in 1954.



The 1954 Buicks underwent distinctive restyling, highlighted by a wraparound “panoramic” windshield and redesigned trunk and rear fenders. Inside, a new instrument panel boasted aircraft-style controls and a horizontal moving band speedometer.



The epitome of luxury was the Roadmaster convertible, featuring the 322 cubic inch V8, Dynaflow transmission, power steering, brakes, top, windows, and adjustable front seat. Distinguished by four ventiports on its front fenders, the Roadmaster showcased Buick’s opulence. Only 3,305 Roadmaster convertibles were produced in 1954, constituting just 6.4% of total Roadmaster production.



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