Classic Elegance: The 1966 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2

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The Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 is an easy to drive Gran Turismo that offers high performance, luxury, and comfort at the same time. At first glance the Lamborghini 350 GT and the 400 GT 2+2 might look very much alike, but upon closer inspection you will notice quite a lot of differences, actually almost no body panel can be interchanged between these two models, mostly because the 400 GT 2+2 had an all-steel body while the 350 GT came with an aluminum body.



The Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 became a success, totaling at 224 units it outsold the 350 by more than 100 units, however the two extra seats cost about $ 500 each, a rather stiff fare in 1966. The Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 was also the first model from Sant’Agata to be available in RHD, all of the 350 GT were LHD.


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