Art Deco Elegance: Rediscovering the 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Cabriolet

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Debuting in November 1935, the Cord 810 earned a coveted spot in the Museum of Modern Art, becoming an iconic American car. Designed by Gordon Buehrig and conceived as a miniature Duesenberg, its distinctive features included a louvered “coffin” nose, streamlined wings, and concealed gas filler. The hand-cranked headlamps and absence of running boards set a trend, influencing global automotive designs.



Ending a Cord production hiatus since the L-29 model in 1931, the 810 marked Errett Cord’s return. Departing from its predecessor, the 810 had a more compact Lycoming V-8 engine and a 4-speed pre-selector electric gearbox, providing improved balance and power.



In 1937, the model was re-designated 812, featuring custom sedans on a longer wheelbase. Supercharging became an option, distinguished by chrome-plated external exhaust pipes. Despite its competitive pricing, financial struggles led to Cord’s demise in August 1937, marking the end of Auburn and Duesenberg as well. Less than 3,000 810/812s were produced, leaving a legacy of clean, timeless design.


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