The 1999 Fiat Multipla’s Distinctive Design Journey

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The Fiat Multipla stands out as one of the most unattractive vehicles ever made. Despite Italy’s reputation for stylish design, it’s evident that Fiat misinterpreted the design concept when creating this car. The Multipla’s appearance gives the impression that it was assembled by Dr. Frankenstein himself, as it seems to meld together various car parts, resulting in an awkward, squashed look.



The peculiar exterior of the Multipla is immediately noticeable. Fiat’s designers chose to deviate from the norm by creating a minivan that diverges significantly from other vehicles on the road. Although commendable for its uniqueness, the Multipla falls short in terms of aesthetics.



The front view is particularly odd, featuring a short hood and a strange bulge at the base of the windshield housing the Fiat badge and separate lights for the high beams. The sides are also unconventional, with windows that appear disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body, and the taillights boast an unusual shape.



The unconventional design extends into the interior. Despite being roughly the same length as a Mini Cooper, the Fiat Multipla accommodates six passengers with three seats in both the front and rear rows, thanks to its wider build. The quirkiest aspect of the cabin is the center control stack, constructed from cheap plastic, incorporating the instrument cluster, climate vents, HVAC controls, light switches, radio, cupholder, and gear shifter.


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