Exploring the Endearing Style of the 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

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The S-Cargo, part of Nissan’s retro-styled affordable vehicles under the Pike Cars brand, was produced from 1989 to 1991. These vehicles aimed to meet the demand for retro-style while providing practical and affordable transport in the Japanese market—a balance between trendiness and affordability.



Unlike other Pike Cars models, the S-Cargo was a van-like vehicle with a dual-meaning name. The “S” signifies small, making it “small cargo.” Cleverly, “S-Cargo” sounds like the French word “escargot,” meaning snail—an homage to the popular Citroen 2CV, the S-Cargo’s inspiration.



The silhouette features two simple circular arches, resembling drawn semicircles forming a car. The design theme revolves around circles, with headlights, door handles, wing mirrors, side indicators, and the speed gauge all incorporating this shape. Optional circular port windows on the side panels add a submarine-like touch.



The interior is minimalist, fitting for an economically designed car. The seats resemble padded metal deck chairs, mirrors are flimsy, the rear bench seat moves freely, and the gauge cluster simplifies to a semicircle with three dials and a few engine warning lights below.


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