Timeless Beauty on Four Wheels: Exploring the 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Saloon

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Regarded by many as the ultimate embodiment of an authentic Aston Martin, the DB6 made its debut in 1965 as the successor to the DB5. Despite benefiting from royal patronage and a reputation boost, the DB6 faced a challenging market scenario with economic uncertainties at home and increasingly stringent regulations in the US.



Distinguished by a 4-inch longer wheelbase, the DB6 underwent a comprehensive redesign, featuring a more inclined windshield, an elevated roofline, and redesigned rear quarter windows. Notably, the rear received a Kamm-style tail with a spoiler, significantly improving aerodynamics and enhancing stability at high speeds. Motor magazine lauded the DB6 as one of the finest sports cars ever tested, praising its aerodynamic innovation.



Under the hood, the Tadek Marek-designed six-cylinder engine, enlarged to 3,995cc for the preceding DB5, retained its 282bhp power output with triple SU carburettors. The option of Borg-Warner automatic transmission accompanied the standard ZF five-speed gearbox, and power-assisted steering became available for the first time. Production ceased in 1970, with a total of 1,575 DB6 saloons completed.



Ironically, after achieving perfection with the DB6 as the pinnacle of the original DB family, Aston Martin shifted course with larger DBS and V8-engined models. Today, the DB6, despite being the most refined and practical of its predecessors, paradoxically stands as the most accessible model in the original DB lineup.


1967 Aston Martin DB6 Saloon

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