Classic Recreation’s 66 Ford Mustang: Supercharged Coyote Power Unleashed

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Remember the cartoon Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote? Yeah, the poor coyote always got the short end of the stick while trying to catch the Road Runner (or Bip Bip, as it’s better known). Well, let me tell you, if Wile E. Coyote had been as hot as the Ford Mustang that’s rolling in today, I can guarantee you that the Road Runner wouldn’t have been so smug for long. And yes, in today’s story, the Coyote comes out on top!

However, before reaching this level, this Mustang has been through quite a journey. It was born as a Notchback, a coupe with a flat trunk, but it underwent a transformation at Classic Recreation and emerged as the Fastback that’s now catching your eye.

'66 Ford Mustang - Supercharged Coyote par Classic Recreation. 1

But once inside the magician’s workshop in Yukon, Oklahoma, they didn’t just slap on a new rear end. While they were at it, they dressed her in Oxford White and added two blue racing stripes, reminiscent of the good old days of Shelby Mustangs. You’ll also notice the GT350CR-style front bumper and the bulging fiberglass hood, both specialties of the house. Remember that the fierce Eleanor Mustang from Nicolas Cage’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” came from their workshop. And by the way, all Mustangs that leave their shop, upgraded to GT350CR status, automatically get registered in the Shelby registry!

'66 Ford Mustang - Supercharged Coyote par Classic Recreation. 2

After swapping out the Bullet-style mirrors, the ‘Stang is fitted with 17-inch American Racing Torq Thrust wheels, wrapped in BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2 tires measuring 225/45 in the front and 255/40 in the rear. Behind those wheels, you’ll spot a complete Willwood braking system with 4-piston calipers biting into drilled and slotted rotors. And while we’re talking about the chassis, it boasts adjustable coilovers, new sway bars, and power rack-and-pinion steering.

'66 Ford Mustang - Supercharged Coyote par Classic Recreation. 3

All of these upgrades were necessary to handle the power of the new beast lurking under the front fenders. This is where the Road Runner may not be so confident anymore. When you pop the hood, you’re greeted by a V8 Coyote engine, a 5.0-liter 32-valve powerhouse that’s been used in Mustang GTs since 2011. But here, it’s been supercharged with a Roush TVS blower. Cooling is managed by a large Be Cool aluminum radiator paired with dual electric fans. It inhales through a massive air intake and exhales through dual stainless steel exhaust pipes that terminate with MagnaFlow mufflers. The rear wheels now have to cope with 625 horsepower sent through a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential. So, what does the roadrunner have to say now?

'66 Ford Mustang - Supercharged Coyote par Classic Recreation. 4

Let’s finish the tour inside the cabin, which is all black. Upon opening the door, you’ll find two SCAT ProCar Rally 1000 bucket seats, upholstered in black vinyl and embroidered with Carroll Shelby’s signature (on a Mustang, it’s like having Ragnotti’s signature on an Alpine or Renault!). The rear seat has been replaced with a roll cage to which G-Force Racing Gear harnesses are attached. In front of the driver, there’s a magnificent three-spoke wood steering wheel and a collection of Classic Instruments Carroll Shelby gauges and dials. The curved gear lever is also Shelby-branded. As for the “electronic” features, you’ll find an Old Air Products air conditioning system and a RetroSound audio system with discreetly integrated speakers.

'66 Ford Mustang - Supercharged Coyote par Classic Recreation. 5

There’s no denying that when a Ford Mustang transforms into a Shelby, it sheds its mild-mannered pony car image and becomes truly beastly. This monster from Classic Recreation certainly won’t argue with that, especially since, in addition to the menacing looks, it packs the punch to tear up the asphalt. So, when you come across a coyote supercharged with power… it turns out, the real loser in this story is the Road Runner!

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