Classic Glory: Unveiling the Pristine 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Big-Block Power

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Fully documented cars in a good condition are the dream of every collector, especially if they have never been restored, therefore keeping everything as original as on day one.


And this 1972 Chevelle SS is an impressive time capsule whose documentation is certainly impressive.First and foremost, let’s just state the obvious and say the car comes in a pretty good shape, though it’s not exactly a perfect 10. The Craigslist seller themselves explains it’s a rust-free California and Nevada car (the Chevelle is currently at its second owner) that needs a full restoration to look like new.


However, given the car and everything on it is still in original condition, the way it looks is impressive nonetheless, with the owner claiming it has always been stored in a garage.

But the more impressive part is the documentation the Chevelle SS comes with. In addition to the original service books and the owner’s manual, the seller still has the dealer receipts and even the airline tickets that the original owner purchased to visit the assembly plant and watch the car getting built.


As if this wasn’t already enough, there’s also a full history of every single visit the Chevrolet paid to the gas pump, along with mileage and everything else.As for what’s hiding under the hood, the 402 (6.6-liter) V8 runs and drives just like new, but it goes without saying this isn’t necessarily surprising given the overall condition of the car. It’s obviously a matching numbers drivetrain with the original keys, with the odometer indicating 99,000 miles (159,000 km).


Unsurprisingly, this Chevelle SS in such a good condition, with everything still original and no missing parts, still running and with full documentation, doesn’t come cheap. The owner expects to get $59,000 for the car, and you can check it out in person in San Francisco.

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