Unearthing Rarity: Revealing the Enigmatic Secret of the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner!

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The Introduction of the GTX and Road Runner

In 1964, Plymouth unveiled the slightly enhanced Satellite. Recognizing the need for a B-body vehicle that combined performance with premium features, the GTX was introduced in 1967. Just a year later, the company launched a more affordable alternative known as the Road Runner.

While lacking the luxurious features of the GTX, the Road Runner made its mark in the performance department. The base model featured a 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) B-block, and buyers could opt for the same powerful engines available in the GTX, including the 440-cubic-inch (7.2-liter) RB and the legendary 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI.

The Road Runner’s recipe of big power with an affordable price tag proved successful. In its first year (1968), it outsold the GTX by a ratio of 2.5 to one, moving 44,303 units. By 1969, sales skyrocketed to 81,105 units, a fivefold increase over the GTX. Even in 1970, amidst declining muscle car sales, the Road Runner still sold over 36,000 units.

As high-performance Mopars faced their final year in 1971, the Road Runner found 13,664 homes, marking the end of the road for the HEMI, the rarest iteration of the model. Despite selling over 175,000 Road Runners from 1968 to 1971, only 2,262 were ordered with the 426-cubic-inch V8, with the 1971 version being the scarcest.

The HEMI convertible, available only in 1969 and 1970, became exceptionally rare, chosen by only 13 customers. In 1970, only three units were sold, making it the second rarest HEMI classic ever produced.

The Unique Features of a 1970 Road Runner

Non-HEMI Road Runner cabriolets were also uncommon, with only 1,890 units ordered in 1969 and 658 in 1970. Specific options could transform these cars into rare gems.

The showcased 1970 Road Runner, equipped with a 383-cubic-inch B-block, may seem ordinary with 621 units built. However, it distinguishes itself with a unique feature — a three-on-the-tee automatic gearbox.

Of the 621 383-powered Road Runners sold, 429 had the four-speed auto, and 179 featured the manual. Only 13 units were specified with the three-speed auto, an unexpected rarity that sets this vehicle apart.

While not the most desirable Mopar gearbox, the three-speed auto adds a touch of uniqueness, especially for enthusiasts of classic muscle cars with front bench seats. The combination of paint, upholstery, and options likely makes it a one-of-one Plymouth.

Adding to its appeal, the showcased 1970 Road Runner is a perfectly restored rig, making it a true diamond in the rough for classic car enthusiasts.

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